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A Tree of Life

I guess you could say, that in addition to making books of letters for people, our ultimate goal at FromABirdie, Inc. is to make people happy.  According to the many letters we have received from our users, since starting FAB in 2009, we have been succeeding.  How?  By giving tools to their circle of friends and family to show their appreciation and gratitude for someone they cherish.


We don’t always take the time to say thanks, or to tell the people we love that we love them, or how it is that we love them, or when our love begun. Details matter.  Details render our feelings full of life and make them ring true.

If you are invited to write a letter in an album of letters to someone for their birthday or retirement (as this happens on FromABirdie.com), you are given a gift.  A gift that won’t come along too often.  An opportunity to say what you feel, or what you think. To write about the first time you encountered this person.  Or how they made you laugh.  Or how they came to your rescue.  Or how they have inspired you.  There are many ways to say thanks. Or to say I Love You.

In doing so, you write yourself more alive. And you become a ring in this other person’s tree of life.