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Words from our Users

A few days ago FromABirdie received this beautiful testament from one of our users, Kiley Winsnes:

“Celebrating Jonathan’s birthday last week was made extra special thanks to the incredible people at Fromabirdie.com. The website made it easy to collect letters and pictures from people from every phase of Jon’s life, and Agustin was there every step of the way to answer questions and ensure the (stunning!) book arrived in time to make Jon’s special day unforgettable. Fromabirdie books are by far the most impactful and memorable gifts you can give. If you’re in the market for a life-changing gift for someone you love, I can’t recommend it enough.” 

Kiley, we are so happy your gift of FAB book of letters was a success! Thanks so much for your kind words. We hope everyone involved was pleased with the experience, and enjoyed the process of making this special present. Happy belated to Jonathan, and hope to see you all again!

Anita & Agustin, Your “FAB” team