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Greetings from the President, Ray!

Did you know that you can request a greeting from POTUS for a special occasion, such as birthday anniversary for those turning 80, and for veterans turning 70, for wedding anniversaries, and for a number of other special events?

Today my dear friend Ray turns 80. So I wrote to the White House a couple of months ago, hoping that a letter signed by the President of the United States would arrive on time to be included in Ray’s FromABirdie book of letters. Well it did. Only it got here one day too late, hours after we had presented the book to him at his birthday party last week.

So better even, I thought. Instead of including it in the book, I will hand it to him unopened, on his actual birthday. Only no one (including Ray) knows whether his birthday is on November 13th or one day later… But does it really matter?…