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Teacher and Staff Appreciation Event at a New Jersey School

On May 25th, FromABirdie delivered 112 books, 1902 letters, and 3314 pages to the teachers and staff at the Noor Ul Iman (NUI) school’s Staff Appreciation Lunch in NJ. The books of letters were coordinated by the extraordinary NUI PTO members. We are so thrilled and grateful to have had this opportunity, and hope to work on many future collaborations with PTOs and PGAs everywhere!

Here’s some of the feedback we received after that May event:

“The Staff Appreciation was a bigger success than I imagined. About an hour after lunch was served and gifts handed out, teachers started coming up to me asking if they could give me a hug. Some had tears in their eyes. We heard emotional conversations similar to, “She remembered me…”, “This brings back old memories”, “I will cherish this book forever”, “This is invaluable”, “This is so special”, “You should’ve given us a box of tissue as well”, “This is the best gift every”, etc….
Since I started my kids at NUI, my exposure to most teachers has been limited to the Elementary grade. So it’s a surprise that teachers I don’t know are just coming and giving me hugs. It was such an emotional and sweet day for them. Hard to believe, but EVERYONE was smiling including the teachers/staff that don’t smile. 🙂
It was very special for me knowing that we made a DIFFERENCE in teachers lives. They went home knowing that someone does appreciate all that they do. They will be motivated to do better.“ (Teacher)

“You all made this one of the most memorable moments for many staff members. Several teachers had said they were crying while reading their book time and time again.” (Elementary Division Head)

“I simply loved the letter booklet that I received with all the heartwarming notes in them.” (Day Care Staff)

“I saw a number of staff with tears when they read The Album of Letters that the PTO put together for each staff member through the Letter From a Birdie Program. I personally will treasure my book always.” (High School Division Head)

“Thank you so much for the very special gift – it was wonderful to see and hear how much it touched so many teachers! Thank you for all the work that must have taken to have produced the books containing appreciative notes from students or staff for all of the teachers. It was truly such a thoughtful gesture.” (School Administration)