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A big day for From A Birdie (FAB!) today!

We just sent out to our printer an order for over a hundred of albums of letters – our biggest to date!  Each book is unique, and is comprised of thank you and adoration letters to teachers in Philadelphia written (and drawn!) by their students and students’ parents.  We will have these books delivered to the recipients just on time for the Teacher Appreciation Day at the end of May!

An amazing effort applied by our computer scientist exraordinaire Agustin Schapira to automate production of beautifully designed PDFs from all letters posted on-line.  (I hear applause! 😉

From now on we will be using this amazing system to produce printed books for all our customers who wish to make physical copies of their albums of letters!

We are so excited to offer this service to all our current and future users!  Ask us about this option when you come to our website, FromABirdie.com, as we are working on creating an interface on our pages that will make all the tools available to you directly on-line.

Thank you to all of you who have come to and used FAB!, and have asked us to make books of your albums of letters!

…A Big Day!!! 😉

Anita Licis-Ribak