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A Passionate and Heartfelt Letter

Sometimes a passionate and heartfelt letter can go a long way in mapping feelings of an entire generation. Sometimes it can have a profound effect on the life of its author and her family.

About a month ago, on the day of deadly shootings at Sandy Hook in Connecticut, Phoebe Lisle, the 13-year old nice of our friends Ivon and Randy, wrote a deeply felt letter to President Obama. By openly and courageously sharing her concerns and emotions, she earned her family front-row seats at the January 16th press conference on gun control, held at the White House, and also attended by President Obama and the Vice President Joe Biden.

We have never met Phoebe, but we applaud her passion and her desire to make this world a better place, and for taking the time to write down her thoughts in her letter to the President. Ivon and Randy tell us that she is an amazing kid who enjoys babysitting autistic children in her free time, and already knows she wants to be a learning disabilities teacher. We know she will make a difference in the world – she is already doing it at 13.