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Our Book Layout Explained

What happens when a letter is accompanied by a photograph, or by a group of photographs?

Generally, we print one photo per page, following the letter, no matter how many photos there are associated with it. We always try to match photos with letters on a page spread, so you don’t see a letter from someone opposite a photo that someone else has uploaded with their letter. Sometimes things fall nicely into place on their own. But rarely. So we play with font style and size, and with combining some of the photos into groups. But that doesn’t always work. So, to accomplish that magical alignment of stars – I mean of content – we sometimes need to change the sequence of letters. That’s why we always ask our book organizers if we can resort to that step, if necessary.

This brief video below explains how our standard book layout works, where the writers’ names go, what the letter text fonts look like, and the way that photographs are laid out on pages.

And here are a few screenshots showing different ways in which photos can be laid out on a page…

One photo per page opposite letter
A group of photos laid out in a grid opposite letter.
You can tell us how many photos per page you want.
A photo collage, made by you and uploaded as a single image.

So, as you see, a photo collage that you create and upload has a more polished and fun look. Our letter writers and book organizers have used Powerpoint, Word and Picasa for creating collages. Also, check out this very neat and user-friendly website, https://www.photocollage.com/ It allows you to drag, drop and arrange images right in the browser. From there, you can save them as JPGs, and upload with your letter.

I hope this inspires you to get creative with your images. Enjoy!